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"Millie Finds Her Voice" by Michele Graham

Michele Graham debuts as a children’s book illustrator and author with this beautifully illustrated work that gently explores childhood trauma.

Meet Millie. A girl who never stops talking. She talks as she walks, she talks as she runs, and she talks as she twirls and spins.

Discover what happens when Millie loses her voice. Follow her as she experiences trauma and embarks on a journey of recovery and healing. Celebrate as she rediscovers her voice, develops resilience and rebuilds family relationships.

“Millie Finds Her Voice" is more than just a story; it is a touching exploration of childhood trauma. It's beautiful, illustrations and thoughtful narrative offer a path for children and adults to engage in conversations.

"Millie Finds Her Voice" will be a cherished addition to any library or home.


Praise for "Millie Finds Her Voice"

Such a rare gem of a book for primary aged children and those who care for them in creating a safe space. There is a desperate need to have the voices of children who have experienced varied adverse childhood experiences represented in stories today.
High praise for Millie finds her voice; such vibrance and magic that will change the
hearts of its readers.

Jade Sercombe-Ford, Teacher & Author

"Millie Finds Her Voice is one of the most beautifully written and illustrated picture
books I have ever read. This disarmingly simple story of childhood trauma and healing,
told as much through the superb illustrations as through its gentle words, offers both children and adults multiple approaches to start talking about a subject, all too often concealed by silence

Jo Jensen, Children’s Librarian & Author

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